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The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has become an essential part of today’s digital strategies, but do you know what mobile consumers want most? Today’s consumers have the expectation of a web surfing experience that is equally optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. This leaves companies with the tricky process of providing consistency across all devices and screens.

In 2011, smartphone adoption alone reached 38% in the United States and is projected to grow to 48% in 2012. This growing number is spurring marketers into action as they are still seeking to find the most effective way to define, implement, and optimize their mobile marketing strategies. Recently, consumers have begun using their smartphones and tablet devices to connect with brands in a variety of ways, but there is significant room for improvement in the user experience. Mobile is a unique channel, with different requirements for smartphones and tablets. This channel is one that is evolving at a very fast pace and should be integrated into the overall marketing mix of every company.

Smartphones are becoming the preferred form of web access for consumers. Their desire and ability to access the Internet while out and about has created a strong disadvantage for desktop computers. Out of these devices, Android devices lead the way in overall popularity at 51%, followed by iPhones at 38%. For consumers who own both a smartphone and tablet, the primary device is still the smartphone (88%). 18-29 year olds reported that they spend 3-5 hours per week on mobile websites and applications. In contrast, 50-64 year olds reported spending less than one hour per week on both websites and applications. It is anticipated that tablet visits will surpass smartphone visits by early 2013 and generate more than 10% of overall website visits in 2014.

By understanding how consumers are coming to a site—whether it’s through a mobile site or app or via a smartphone or tablet—companies can deliver a better user experience, which can translate to increased customer loyalty and an improved bottom line.

October 30, 2012