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2013 Trends

As we all enter the second month of this year we all begin to establish what will be “hot” this year and what is no longer the next big trend. Not only do we see this in fashion, music, and entertainment, we see it in the advertising industry as well. So what will be cool? What will be the next catchy thing you will see all over your television, computer screens, and on your new iPhone 5?

In 2013, companies have begun to focus on what type of person is watching, reading, or hearing their advertisements. Digital ads allow for a higher level of targeting and are often used in generating a traceable ROI. This is the main reason why you find yourself surrounded by shoe advertisements while on Facebook after you visited a shoe website or you find yourself running into ads about the new Samsung Galaxy or iPhone after you Goggled information on smartphones. A heavy focus on demographics will be an important trend for 2013 and will likely continue to be a trend moving forward.

Another trend for 2013 is Mobile advertising. Soon the data gathered from your phone interactions will determine what advertisements you will be exposed to throughout your day. Consumers will need to adjust to companies continuously targeting them in every social aspect of their lives, including your mobile phone. The importance of your mobile data is growing exponentially and many ad agencies are left with no other choice than to up their mobile advertising game and reach their target market through there.

These trends began their “coolness “in 2012 and will probably continue to top the advertising trend charts for the rest of 2013.

February 11, 2013